OHV – ATV Trail Riding in Minnesota!    

For the adventure and thrill seekers…..get on those ATV’s and ride!  Loon Point Resort is located north of Grand Rapids, MN in the George Washington State Forest where you have hundreds of acres of forest roads and designated ATV trails to ride.  You can hit the trails right from your cabin and access restaurants, convenience stores and bars right from the trails – trails, lodging, gas, food, drinks and fun – all got ’em all!!!

B& B Connection Trail

Is a designated ATV trail that is a  33 mile trail that connects the city of Bigfork and the community of Balsam. This trail is new as of 2017 and is maintained by the Wilderness Wheelers ATV club.  The trail will take you through dense forest of the George Washington State Forest and the Chippewa National Forest. The B & B Connection Trail, the Little Moose Trail and the Balsam Trail are connected for a total of 55 miles.  You can access the trails by your ATV from the resort by a 4 mile route.  Along the trail is places to stop for food , gas, bathroom breaks and drinks!  It will take you about 5 hours to ride to Bigfork (from the resort), stop in Bigfork at the Pizza Parlor for food and back to the resort.  Half way between the resort and Bigfork, plan on stopping at Antler Store for gas, snacks and a bathroom break.  Walk across the road to Antler Lodge (restaurant & bar) they have homemade desserts!  Before heading out on the trail, stop at Scenic Pines Convenience store for gas and before coming back to the resort, stop at the Scenic Pines Restaurant & Grill for good food and drinks!!


Click HERE for a map that shows the B & B Connection Trail, Little Moose Trail and the Balsam Trail.

Little Moose Trail  & Balsam Trail 

This 23-mile trail in eastern Itasca County follows trails within the George Washington State Forest. Forested areas vary from densely wooded to harvested pine that open to wide views of the surrounding landscape. The trail travels by Hartley, Scooty and Wolf lakes and crosses the west fork of the Prairie River. The trail is maintained by the Balsam Trail Blazers.  You can access the trail by your ATV from the resort by a 4 mile route.  The Little Moose trail, the B & B Connection Trail and the Balsam Trail are connected.  Ride the Balsam Trail south to the Balsam Store for for gas and then go across the street to The Balsam Cafe for a bite to eat!

Little Moose Trail – DNR trail information

Forest Roads

We are located amongst miles and miles of forest roads that you can ride.  We get out and ride as much as we can so we can provide you with information on where to ride and cool places to stop – local secret spots!!!  Be sure to download the Polaris Ride Command app before you arrive – you will need it (see link below).

Thistledew Trails

The Thistledew Trails are a 25-mile system consisting of a north and south loop located within George Washington State Forest with connections to forest roads. The trail passes through rolling hills of mature pine and aspen forest. Both loops are managed for ATV and horseback riding, so please watch for other riders.  The Thistledew Trails are about 40 minutes north of the resort.  You will need to trailer your ATV’s to these trails.  We can provide you with a map and directions to get there.  When you’re done riding for the day stop by the Junction Bar & Grill (just 5 miles away from the trail parking area) for a bite to eat – home of the famous Rodeo Burger!!!

Thistledew Trails – DNR trail information  

Thistledew Trails – DNR trail map

Other Information:

Itasca County ATV Map

Polaris Ride Command app – download this app!!  A must!!!  Make sure you download this app before you arrive!!  Cell phone reception is sketchy up here in the woods so the GPS location from this app will keep you on track so you know where you are at all times.   ESPECIALLY if you are planning to ride forest roads because they’re NOT marked.

*EFFECTIVE  July 15, 2017 – all ATV’s can ride on county roads in Itasca County, with the exception of County Road 75 into the Scenic State Park.



Minnesota DNR ATV trail locations map

MN DNR rules, regulations & other information – All OHVs must be registered or a non-resident must purchase a non-resident trail pass to ride on state or grant-in-aid trails.

**We have plenty of parking here at the resort for trailers.**