December 21, 2015

I recently read an article in Northern MN Girlfriends by Darcie Novak that hit home for me and thought I would share it.  It’s a must read for any woman looking for success and achieving life balance.

How to become a successful woman.  By Darcie Novak

For reasons I cannot explain, I have always been into self-improvement.  Even as a young child, I would make lists for myself to better myself physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Many years later, I am still continually trying to improve.  However, my definition of improvement and success have certainly had a perspective adaption through the years.

In my opinion, I believe three priorities lead to the road to success:  Faith, Family, Business/Work….and ALWAYS in that order.

I read continuously and sometimes obsessively.  I enjoy books on business, spiritual daily readers, the Bible, and countless other books on self-improvement.  The underlying theme for those whom have reached the greatest success is following a priority list similar to what I have entailed here.  We strive for balance but realistically never attain it, and that is okay.  We are human after all, not perfect beings, and we never will be.  Being humble and okay with our imperfections is necessary to be successful.

Believing in yourself is key.  It is important to always remember there is a difference between being confident and being cocky.

My daughters enjoy sports, and as they have worked on improving through the years, I constantly remind them that “whether you think you can or you can’t, you will be right every time.”  That process of visualization is a practical and effective tool for success; it is used for weight loss, confidence building exercises and goal setting techniques.

Never be afraid to dream, and dream big.  No harm will ever come from happy thoughts, as we ARE OUR THOUGHTS!  The most effective tool you can ever use to change your life is your mind.  We are 99% perspective and 1% circumstance.  You can take a thousand people, send them through the exact set of circumstances, and each will take their own perspective of the situation and have a unique outcome and experience.  The only thing that makes up that perspective is our own mind.  We have the ability and power to change that, and when we understand the “choices” we have with our attitudes and perspectives, we become limitless for what we can do.

I don’t believe that success is measured by money.  Success is happiness; it is growth, learning, family, experiencing, love and faith.  It is knowledge, sharing ourselves with the world and giving back.  If you measure success by your bank account, you have missed the bigger picture of success.

I believe that it is essential to have coaches and mentors to truly be successful.  I think they are needed on many levels.  My late mother was my family coach; her lessons in love and in giving back to the community, in strength and most importantly in faith still resonate in my head and in my heart.

My former boss, Greg Perrella or Perrella & Associates, has been one of the most influential people in my business life.  A friend and mentor, he runs his business with his Christian faith and principles founded in kindness and morality.  Although I no longer work with his company, he is on my speed dial when I need advice on life or in business.

Great mentors and friends don’t care where you work or what you do; they inspire you to live better, be better, and want better.  We are the company we keep; it is important that when on the path to be successful that you surround yourself with others on a similar positive path, others with similar morals and faith, others who raise you up.  Detach from those who do not support your path to be successful.  And give back; help those who need someone to help them get on the right track.  Inspire the young to be bold, inspire them to be confident and to be successful.

Life is never perfect.  We always have something; it is how we handle the something that defines our success.  Empower yourself.  Read.  Pray.  Fill your life with positive people.  Enjoy your family and loved ones.  Train your mind.  Mentor and be mentored.  Work hard.  And reap the ‘successful’ benefits of your beautiful life.