March 23, 2013

We have had the pleasure of having quite a few family gatherings and reunions here at Loon Point Resort.  Some are just a one-time event.  Coming one year here . . . and then the family may go to another part of the country the next year.  But many families have called Loon Point Resort  their home for many summers in a row.  Memories have been made here, year after year.  The kids start out as toddlers and elementary age youngsters . . . and come back each year a little bigger and older.  The adults never seem to change.  But we know the years are passing, because the kids sure do! There’s plenty of family fun and fishing for everyone to enjoy.  Several aren’t into fishing – but they enjoy the beach and water activities and visiting the area attractions around Grand Rapids and beyond.  And the playground is always a hit with the kids.


The family reunion vacation often becomes an annual tradition.  It’s a time to reconnect with the ones we love without the normal day-to-day busy schedule getting in the way.  Family members can have quality time together.  Yet there’s a variety of things to do so you can also spend some of the time apart.  And we have a great mix of cabins to choose from for a Minnesota family reunion.  Large 4 bedroom cabins where you may all stay under one roof.  Or choose multiple 2, 3 and 4 bedroom cabins.  Some groups take one big one, and one or two smaller cabins.  Whatever works for you, we can provide.  Check us out next time you’d like to start a family tradition.