Minnesota Family & Fishing Resort

Experience the best fishing vacation on the beautiful waters of Wasson Lake

Wasson Lake – a private northern Minnesota lake.

THE LAKE:  Wasson Lake is a 438 acre spring-fed lake offering 17 feet of water clarity. With a depth of 67 feet and numerous bays the lake offers great fishing structures. The shoreline has many submerged points surrounded by deep water, down timber, and large areas of coontail, cabbageweed and wild rice. There are 4 islands on the lake and NO public access so the lake is very private and quiet.

BASS FISHING:  Bass fishing is becoming ever more popular!!  The thrill of the catch, the rod bending experience and the best part….that bad boy jumping out of the water, giving you a glimpse of how big he is!!  It is not uncommon for guests to catch Largemouth Bass of up to 6 lbs and Smallmouth Bass of 4 lbs.

CRAPPIE & BLUEGILL FISHING:  Crappie & Bluegill fishing has been an all time favorite for our guests.  We have guests that have been coming here for many years just because of the great pan fishing.  Crappie lengths range from 8″ – 14″ and Bluegill lengths range from 6″ – 10″ and sometimes more 🙂

NORTHERN PIKE FISHING:  Northern Pike are always a guaranteed hitter and if you’re one of those that know how to clean Northern Pike, you’ll definitely get yourself a meal (or two)!  Guests frequently get to experience a LARGE Northern Pike taking their smaller catch.

DNR Wasson Lake Information Report

Wasson Lake map

Bass Fishing: Minnesota DNR

Northern Fishing in Minnesota

Catching 2 Northerns at the same time!!! A person needs to be using bigger bait!!

Resort Amenities: 

  • Dockside electricity is available for battery charging.
  • Cement boat launch.
  • New docks
  •  Each cabin has its own lakeside locker to store your fishing gear.
  • Remodeled fish cleaning house with electricity and running water – cleaned every day!

Fishing Regulations & License

  • Click HERE for more information on Minnesota fishing regulations
  • Click HERE to buy your Minnesota Fishing License


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  • A Deposit of 50% of the base equipment rental is required within 5 business days of making the reservation.
  • Renters are responsible for any damage to equipment. You must agree to pay, with credit card, for any and all damage caused by you or your group during your rental period. Your signature stating this will be required on a rental agreement prior to leaving the dock.
  • You must agree to pay, on credit card, full day rental fees for any days the equipment is out of service due to damage caused by you or your group during your rental agreement.
  • No rate credit will be given for weather-related use limitations of watercraft rentals during your stay.
  • Towing behind resort pontoon or resort boats is NOT allowed.
  • Pontoon rentals: Only full week reservations will be taken in advance.  If the pontoons are not reserved for the week while you are here, we will then rent the pontoon(s) out by day or by 4 hour blocks.


 2019 Rates

14′ Lund Boat & Honda 9.9 electric start motor
with 2 swivel seats
(includes one tank of gas)
$225 $75
2 day min
 Fish Finder  $30 $10
Deluxe Fishing Boat:  2016 Tracker V-16 ProGuide
w/60hp Mercury 4 stroke motor, 4 swivel seats,
fish finder, trolling motor, (includes  tank of gas)
$550 $150
Dock Space / Boat Launch
(for own boat)
$30 $10
Pontoon: 22 foot 2010 Tuscany Sweetwater
with 50 hp Yamaha motor, seats 11 people,
full sun canopy, live well, fish finder,
radio, 4 captains chairs & benches
(includes one tank of gas)
$595 $165
Pontoon: 20 foot 2016 Sylvan Mirage
with 50 hp Yamaha motor, seats 9 people,
full sun canopy, live well, fish finder,
radio, captains chairs & benches
(includes one tank of gas)
$595 $165
Pontoon: 18 foot 2013 Weeres Cadet
with 40 hp Yamaha motor, seats 9 people,
full sun canopy, live well, fish finder,
radio, captains chairs & benches
(includes one tank of gas)
$595 $165


Minnesota is renowned for its clean water, good fishing, and remarkable recreational opportunities – and we want to keep it that way for future visitors and future generations.

Unfortunately, some invasive species can harm Minnesota’s lakes, rivers, and forests. Aquatic invasive species such as Eurasian watermilfoil, zebra mussel, and spiny waterflea can harm fish habitats and disrupt water recreation activities. These plants, animals, and other unwanted species may “hitch a ride” in water, on boats, in firewood, or on other gear that people move into and around the state.

To help protect Minnesota’s precious water and woodlands and to comply with state law, please take the following precautions before you leave home.

Before traveling to Minnesota every boater must:

  • Clean all aquatic plants, zebra mussels, and other prohibited invasive species from boats and trailers. You may not transport aquatic plants or prohibited invasive species in the state, even if they are dead.
  • Drain water-related equipment (boat, ballast tanks, portable bait containers, and motor) and
    drain bilge, livewell, and baitwell by removing drain plugs. Keep drain plugs out and
    water-draining devices open while transporting watercraft. You may not transport water, or arrive at a water access with the drain plug in place, in Minnesota.
  • Dispose of unwanted bait, including minnows, leeches, worms and fish parts in the trash. If you want to keep live bait, drain bait containers and refill with bottled or tap water. It is illegal in Minnesota to release bait in the water or to release worms on the ground.

Additional recommended precautions:

Some aquatic invasive species can survive more than two weeks out of water, and they are often small and difficult to see at the access. To remove or kill them, take one or more of the following precautions before moving boats and equipment to another water body, especially after leaving waters infested with zebra mussels or spiny waterfleas:

  • Spray with high-pressure water
  • Rinse with very hot water (at least 120 degrees F)
  • Dry for at least 5 days

For more information AIS prevention, visit MN DNR Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

For information on infested water in Minnesota, please go to MN DNR website.  Here you can access an interactive map or a spreadsheet on Minnesota lakes.

For AIS information on lakes within Itasca county, please visit the Itasca County Soil & Water Conservation website