Over 60% of the land in Itasca County is either Federal, State, County or industrial forest that is open to the public for hunting. Loon Point Resort is located in the George Washington State forest and in the heart of some of the best hunting habitat in the country with 100’s of acres of State land around us.

From duck and goose hunting to bear hunting, grouse hunting and deer hunting, Loon Point Resort is a great place to make your annual hunting camp.  Our area offers some of the finest grouse and woodcock hunting in Minnesota.  In November, we are a popular destination for deer hunters.

The Northwoods is alive with the many sights and sounds of an abundant supply of wildlife. It offers a tremendous opportunity to teach your family about Minnesota’s greatest resource – nature. We encourage you to take advantage of this wonderful experience and book your next hunting vacation with us.

White-tail Deer Hunting

We have a tremendous abundance of Whitetail Deer in the area. Hunting groups nearly always fill out their tags. Whitetail Deer Archery Season begins in mid-September and Firearms Season begins in early November for your Minnesota deer hunting experience. The white-tailed deer is Minnesota’s most popular wildlife species

Grouse Hunting

Minnesota is the top ruffed grouse-producing state in the U.S. No other state harvests as many ruffed grouse each fall or provides as much public hunting land. Ruffed grouse are a native woodland bird about the size of a small chicken. The bird is noted for its fan-shaped tail marked by a broad, dark band. Some ruffed grouse (called red-phased birds) have chestnut-colored tails, and the gray-phased birds have gray or slate-colored tails. The bird also has a concealed neck ruff that the male puffs out during courtship displays.

Male ruffed grouse make a well-known drumming noise that sounds similar to a distant lawnmower engine. He drums by beating his wings in the air, starting slowly as a series of thumps, and then, as beating speeds up, the sound resembles a drum or engine. The drumming occurs on logs, boulders, tree roots, or other elevated sites known as “drumming logs.”

DOGS – please note, we do not allow dogs in our cabins OR on the resort property.

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