February 6, 2015

Our White Pine cabin is currently under construction!!!! To be ready for summer.  We started with the downstairs bathroom.  The walls had nasty green/gold swirled paneling on them and the floor had the old gold flaked vinyl on it.  It looked like a bathroom from the 70’s 🙂   John took all the paneling off the walls, torn down the ugly false ceiling tiles and replaced with pine.  He laid down new flooring, installed new light fixtures and put up a nice vanity mirror. The bathroom door was replaced with a pine door and a new sweat-free high rise toilet installed!!!

NEXT PROJECT: Currently, John is taking the old paneling off the walls in the downstairs living room and replacing with pine.  The false ceiling was also torn down and will be replaced with pine and all the doors will be replaced with pine doors.  Light fixtures will be replaced and new furniture to finish it off.  Next will be the bedrooms.  Check back often to watch our progress and see the before and after pictures.